More News in the Ongoing Battle against Prescription Addiction

A recent piece on illustrates the tragic reality of prescription drug abuse among teenagers in the United States. The article profiles a teenager who had fallen into Percocet addiction after seemingly benign oral surgery. Her dentist had given her the prescription and she had taken it in a manner consistent with his orders. After her pain subsided, she continued to take the pills because of the numbing feeling they offered. The article also mentions that the CDC has named prescription drug addiction as the worst drug epidemic in United States history.

Addiction Can Happen Quicker than You Might Think

Perhaps the most tragic part of the article is just how quickly and unwittingly teenagers get sucked into prescription abuse. Most of them don’t even realize what is happening until it’s too late and they start to crave pills on a constant basis. This particular profile starts with a teenager rummaging through her family’s personal belongings in search of money or merchandise to sell in order to get high. This is yet another reminder of the importance of education and regulation when it comes to the dispensation of these dangerous medications.