Many Doctors and Nurses Abusing Prescription Drugs

recent piece on reveals startling statistics and testimony regarding the use of prescription drugs in the medical community. The article includes recollections from recovering nurses giving who admit to treating patients while they were; a medical technician who infected at least 46 patients with hepatitis after injecting himself with their pain medicine and refilling their syringes with saline and a selection of other hospital horror-stories. It’s estimated that over 100,000 medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians actively struggle with prescription addiction. This does not include those who are currently in treatment or recovery for substance abuse.

An Institutional Problem

Research conducted by USA TODAY revealed hundreds of cases in which medical professionals faced disciplinary action for infractions related to their drug abuse. The article also highlights a lack of consistency in oversight, regulation and enforcement among medical facilities and failure from states to adopt universal drug-testing requirements. It also chronicled the addictions of several medical practitioners that gravitated toward addiction via legitimate medical conditions and external factors, such as professionals stress. Medical professionals have practically unfettered access to a vast inventory of powerful prescriptions. This combined with limited institutional monitoring has only served to exacerbate this problem.