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Women, Pregnancy and Alcohol & Drug Detox

Women in our society have a unique set of stress and pressure in their everyday lives. Sprinkle in some addiction problems, and you’ve got quite the cocktail of strain. Add in a pregnancy before, during or after an addiction problem and you’ve got a dangerous mixture. Some women are in need of an alcohol and […]

Bath Salts . . . But Not The Kind For Your Bath!

Last year in 2012 the US saw the widespread proliferation of a group of dangerous synthetic drugs called bath salts. These drugs gained more and more traction in the United States along with synthetic marijuana and other designer drugs, and in many cases, produced bizarre and horrific behavior in those who took them. Some of […]

Some Spices Can Be Deadly: Abuse of Synthetic Drug, Spice Growing in Popularity

By now it’s clear to law enforcement officials, prevention advocates and regrettably the loved ones of overdose victims that synthetic drugs are posing an increasingly greater risk in the United States. Though fairly new to the consumers and distributors, authorities have already seized millions of doses of these drugs, as well as tens of millions […]

Article Reveals Rampant Prescription Drug Addiction among Medical Professionals

Many Doctors and Nurses Abusing Prescription Drugs A recent piece on USAtoday.com reveals startling statistics and testimony regarding the use of prescription drugs in the medical community. The article includes recollections from recovering nurses giving who admit to treating patients while they were; a medical technician who infected at least 46 patients with hepatitis after injecting himself […]

Medication Used in Just 10% of Alcoholism Treatment Cases

An Underutilized Resource Although medication has proven to be an effective and successful tool to prevent alcoholic cravings, only 10% of all patients treated for addiction utilize in their recovery efforts. According to the government’s SAMHSA website there are over 120 studies, involving almost 23,000 participants that demonstrate the efficacy of drugs like Naltrexone in inhibiting reward […]

Affordable Care Act Slow to Deliver More Patients to Mental Health Treat

Patients Wait for Improved Health Measures under Obamacare A recent article on Philly.com reveals the affordable care act has not had the expected impact in boosting use of mental healthcare services. The legislation’s supporters, as well as many in the medical community, expected a prodigious uptick in patient enrollment due to measures within the bill which are said […]

Provision in Medicaid Can Restrict Access to Addiction Treatment under ACA

Old Law Hinders New Addiction Treatment Directive A 50-year-old Medicaid provision could severely impact many low-income patients looking for addiction treatment. Although the Affordable Care Act was forecasted to improve access to addiction and mental health services, a rule established by Medicaid decades ago says that the program will only cover community-based residential programs with […]

An Alarmingly Realistic Look at Teen Prescription Addiction

More News in the Ongoing Battle against Prescription Addiction A recent piece on huffingtonpost.com illustrates the tragic reality of prescription drug abuse among teenagers in the United States. The article profiles a teenager who had fallen into Percocet addiction after seemingly benign oral surgery. Her dentist had given her the prescription and she had taken it in […]

New Jersey Increases Access to Addiction Treatment

Further Help on the Way for NJ Residents Struggling with Addiction The New Jersey State Senate has approved a plan that would allocate more resources to treating addiction in the state. The bi-partisan bill was introduced last month as part of a multi-bill legislative package and reflects the collective will of both republicans and democrats […]

Recovering Drug Addict Inspired to Health through Art

A Life-changing Moment that Sparked Recovery UK artist Jamie Scanlon recently told the Huffington Post[1] about the role that art played in his recovery from drug addiction. The 37-year-old multimedia artist also credited legendary British graffiti artist Banksy with inspiring him to get well. Scanlon began creating art as a child but stopped when he went […]