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Narcan Is Just the Beginning: Increasing Access to Treatment

Nalexone (Narcan) has been hailed by law enforcement officials and addiction care specialists as a valuable resource in helping reverse the effects of near-fatal opiate overdoses. Introduced into the public consciousness last year when police officers and community groups in various states started carrying it for overdose response calls, Nalexone has indeed saved the lives […]

Helping Seniors Avoid Chemical Dependency

Last year Bronx nursing home Jewish Home Lifecare launched an experimental program to help deal with the rising rate of addiction among the elderly population. The program was developed in response to the large number of baby boomers with substance abuse issues entering their advanced years. Patients over 60 who are entering the facility for […]

Synthetic Drug Spice Growing in Popularity

A New and Dangerous Drug Abuse Trend on The Rise By now it’s clear to law enforcement officials, prevention advocates and regrettably the loved ones of overdose victims that synthetic drugs are posing an increasingly greater risk in the United States. Though fairly new to the consumers, authorities have already seized millions of doses of […]

Heroin-Driven Insurance Problems Grip New York and U.S.

New York legislators are grappling with how to deal with the plague of heroin that has been devastating suburban and rural youths statewide. The state, like so many others, has been struggling against heroin abuse for years, but the most recent development seems to be a cruel irony. Poorer families, so long the greatest victims […]

Are Changes to Powerful Painkiller Zohydro Enough to Alleviate Concerns?

Worries of mass overdoses, backdoor conspiracies and blatant indifference for public safety surrounded the 2013 release of Zohydro, an extended-release, hydrocodone super painkiller. The new drug is said to have five to 10 times the power of Vicodin. [1] A coalition of health care, consumer advocacy, and addiction treatment groups even banded together under the name FED UP! to […]

Molly, A Potentially Dangerous Party Guest

POP CULTURE’S INFLUENCE For over two decades, Molly has been the preeminent party drug of teens and millennials. With pop culture’s glamorization of the illegal substance in a variety of songs by artists ranging from Rick Ross and Kanye West to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, the drug’s popularity continues to rise. Molly, the abbreviated name […]

Teenagers that Drink Alone More Likely to Develop Alcoholism

A HEAD START With each passing year, teenagers are beginning to experiment with alcohol at a younger age. Although the legal drinking age is 21, the average age an American girl has her first drink is 13 and the average age for a boy is 11. [1] Information such as this has prompted countless studies to determine […]

Study shows effective means of treatment for comorbid alcoholism and PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an extremely emotionally-debilitating mental condition, can cause nightmares, flashbacks, aggressive behavior and acute anxiety. Many PTSD traumatized individuals turn to alcohol to combat these symptoms. This often leads to the dual condition of alcoholism and PTSD, which is much more difficult to address than each separate disease. A recent study conducted by […]