An Underutilized Resource

Although medication has proven to be an effective and successful tool to prevent alcoholic cravings, only 10% of all patients treated for addiction utilize in their recovery efforts. According to the government’s SAMHSA website there are over 120 studies, involving almost 23,000 participants that demonstrate the efficacy of drugs like Naltrexone in inhibiting reward receptors in the brain to block cravings that lead to relapse. Many facilities are reluctant to administer medication to aid in alcoholism treatment because they’re afraid that patients will just trade one addiction for another. Other treatment professionals have lamented this statistic, claiming that patients should have every resource available to them as they endeavor to recovery from alcohol abuse.

Treatment Professionals Irritated

One of the major sources of frustration from within the treatment community Is the belief that lack of financial opportunity is causing this marketing delay for drugs that could help millions of people. There is little monetary incentive to market drugs such as Naltrexone because they are generic. Many primary care physicians aren’t even aware of these drugs’ benefits.