The alcohol rehab center you referred me to in Florida was so wonderful. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in 3 months since I finished my alcohol rehab there! I had told your online representative that I had already had two failed attempts previously here at rehabs in NYC and I really wanted to get better once and for all. The contrast between the treatment center you referred to me in Florida and the two alcohol rehabs here in NYC was remarkable! I received real compassion and personal care for the first time and I think it made all the difference. Thank you so much!

Robin D., NYC

It’s only right for me to thank you for responding so quickly and professionally to my family’s distress and desire for me to seek treatment. The surprise I felt after walking out of my bedroom that morning and seeing everyone in my living room was a shock that made me finally realize the gravity of my situation. It was the intervention that you arranged for my family that allowed me to see what I was doing for the first time to everyone who loved and cared about me. For the first time I truly understood the emotional and physical destruction my addiction was causing myself and all of the loved ones around me. It has been a difficult road thus far since I haven’t used heroin in six months, but I’ll always remember what I learned in treatment; and that my daily struggle and abstinence from using is the proof itself that I can live a substance free life. Thank you once again for your critical role in starting my recovery.

Daniel D., Conshohocken, PA

My family and I are anxious about the upcoming intervention, but also much more confident after speaking to your website and the interventionist that will be coming here in a few days. We are very thankful for your quick response and willingness to help my Dad. I have a lot of faith that this meeting will succeed where all our previous individual attempts have failed, and that with your help we can make him see that receiving alcohol addiction treatment is the only way to save his life.

Craig R., Boston, MA

On behalf of my family I just wanted to say thanks again for being such a responsive and dedicated group of people. For years my family and I have been begging my bachelor uncle to get help for his heavy alcohol and drug abuse problem. He had always refused to accept that he had a serious problem and needed professional help. Then one day after almost losing him to what could have been a fatal overdose, my mother did some research online and found your addictioncareoptions.com website. My mother was very surprised at how quickly we were able to set up an intervention for our uncle (her brother).

My mother told us that the interventionist had instructed for all us to get together for the intervention and realize that this probably would be our last chance of saving our uncle. The interventionist that came out that day was a stranger to us when he first arrived. But by the time he left he had unified our family as one front and successfully got through to my uncle and got him to agree to receive drug and alcohol treatment. He has been sober 8 months now after receiving his drug and alcohol rehab in Florida. I am writing because we are all eternally grateful to your website. You started the process that eventually gave us back the man we knew and loved before his alcohol and drug abuse problem changed him into someone else and nearly got him killed.

Kenneth P., Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you so much for the info that you provided, through your links I was able to find a facility for my brother called New Hope. I called and they offered everything that my brother needs, and they have a bed available…but my brother has to make the final call and admit himself to the facility. So now its a waiting game. But thank to your info I was able to hold up my end of the bargain, which was to find a place and he would go. Now we just wait to see if he’ll hold up his end. Thank you again soooooo much for your quick and timley response.

Kerry C., Las Vegas, NV

Yes I did receive the information I requested. It actually has been very helpful. Next week we are performing a family intervention and presenting the options that were given to me from you.

I really think this will really be very good. I really cannot thank you enough for all of your help.

Leah D., Kansas City, KS

I just want to let you know that my family and I appreciate your help in our recent crisis. Thank you very much. You certainly let us in the right direction and keep up the good work. There are a lot of people that need your help.

Pat R., Portland, ME

I did receive a reply. At my most desperate and lonely moment, feeling very much a failure as a mother, an Angel called me almost immediately after I hit the SEND button. This wonderful woman talked to me as though we were family and gave me so much information. She stayed on the phone with me through my tears, fears, and multitude of questions. She may be the very person responsible for saving my daughter’s life and regrettably, I don’t even know her name. By following this woman’s step by step advice, my daughter now has an AA sponsor, is attending her 2nd AA meeting, and is at this moment reading her ‘Blue Book’. She is on day 2 of sobriety after 11 months of daily drinking from morning to night, passing out, and starting over the next morning.

The call came so quickly, it was as though it had been hot-wired from Heaven Above. If there is any possible way you can find out who this woman was, please let her know that her kindness and genuine concern saved two lives that late night. Less than one second later, I would have pulled a trigger and ended my misery.

Michele W., Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for your help. The day I contacted you, I received so much more info than I ever expected!! I passed this on immediately and hopefully this family will get the help they need.

I must say, I am very impressed with your group. Many thanks.

Heidi F., Uniondale, NY

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